Bali travel check-list


Please check the latest visa rules and regulations based on your nationality

Make sure your passport is valid more than 6 months after your scheduled arrival date

Vaccination requirements

SATUSEHAT Mobile app

All passengers must download the SATUSEHAT Mobile app and fill the required data prior to arrival

Electronic Customs Declaration

All passengers arriving in Indonesia must also complete
the Electronic Customs Declaration form online:

If you are taking regular medicine…

due to a medical conditions, please check with your doctor whether the medicine prescribed is allowed in Indonesia.

Indeed, certain medicine such as Carisoprodol, Codeine, Tramadol to name a few are strictly prohibited in Indonesia.

When in Bali

Local transportation/taxi

Always ask your taxi driver to turn his meter on. If he refuses, step out and look for another taxi.

Always pay in local currency. There are no taxi apps available to foreigners and no Uber.

If you take a scooter taxi, always wear a Helmet. They will provide it.

Currency Exchange

you can exchange your foreign currency at the airport (upon arrival), in the hotel, banks or nearby authorized money changers.

If you find an Authorized money changer giving too favorable exchange rate compare to internet rate, do not go there. It is usually a scam!


  • COVER up when visiting Temples (wear Sarong or long clothes)
  • get a personal travel and medical insurance


  • drink Tap Water
  • kiss on the mouth in public
  • use Your Left Hand When Giving/Receiving
  • use or possess drugs. Narcotics are strictly prohibited
    in Indonesia and will land you in jail.
  • mock religious processions

Bali Nusa Dua Convention Centre – Evacuation procedures in case of an emergency

We would like to invite to watch a 2 minutes video about the BNDCC (the venue) Evacuation procedure in case of an emergency.

Please watch our safety video briefing

Preparing your return flight to your home country

1. Check the visa, covid regulations in place in your country of destination

2. Do not bring Indonesian Rupiah outside Indonesia. You will not be able to exchange it overseas