COVID-19 testing requirements

Pre departure COVID‑19 RT‑PCR testing is no longer required for travel to Indonesia.

Passengers who present COVID‑19 symptoms on arrival in Bali and Jakarta might be subject to RT‑PCR testing at the airport. All passengers, except Indonesian citizens, who are requested to take an on arrival RT‑PCR test must pay the IDR 275,000 fee.


Vaccination requirements

All foreign nationals must present a printed or digital COVID‑19 vaccine certificate confirming that they have been fully vaccinated 14 days before departure. If the certificate is not in English, English translation must be provided.

Unvaccinated Indonesian nationals are allowed to enter Indonesia. Passengers in this category who do not present COVID‑19 symptoms will receive a COVID‑19 vaccine on arrival.

Exemptions to presenting a COVID‑19 vaccine certificate apply to:

  • Passengers below 18 years old
  • Foreigners holding diplomatic and official visas relating to official state visits at ministerial level or above
  • Passengers who cannot be vaccinated due to medical conditions must present a doctor/specialist’s statement from a government hospital that they are unfit for COVID‑19 vaccination
  • Passengers who have a recovery certificate issued by an authorised health agency that clearly states that the passenger is no longer infectious

Indonesia recognizes all COVID‑19 vaccines, as long as the vaccine is approved by the country in which it has been administered.

Indonesian nationals 18 years old and above who are travelling overseas must present a COVID‑19 vaccination certificate using the Peduli Lindungi app. The certificate must state that they have received a booster or third dose of a COVID‑19 vaccine. This requirement is not applicable for Indonesian nationals who are medically exempt from vaccination and Indonesian nationals who have a COVID‑19 recovery certificate stating that they are no longer infectious. The certificate must be issued by Indonesian health authorities.

Required documents

All passengers must download the SATUSEHAT Mobile app and fill the required data.

All passengers arriving Indonesia must also complete the electronic Customs Declaration form: